Day 6-Ebony

In the morning Zoe and I got our bags packed ready to go to Angela’s school to see her and then after school she will come pick Zoe and I up from the hotel were Zoe and I are staying at. As soon as we got to the school we did some painting and we wrote our names in Chinese, it was really fun, because we had to have partners so we all got to meet someone new witch I like because I got to meet someone and she was really nice then we had to go back to the hotel ready for Angela to come and pick us up. At 2:00pm we were both ready at the front of the hotel ready to go to Angela’s house for the night, Zoe and I were so excited, we both couldn’t wait for our sleepover at Angela’s house. When we saw Angela and her dad we said goodbye to everyone and hoped in the car ready to meet Sophie, Phoebe and Georgia at pin gang road.
When we got there we all got ice-creams and then after that we went to go look around the shops there, we found a pottery place were we could make some pottery and I thought it was awesome because I had never done pottery before and I thought I was really good at it and it was really fun to make, then after we all made some pottery we went on a small boat down a small skinny lake witch I thought was really fun to do because lots of people was waving at us and watching as go past them as they was walking along the footpath, after about half an hour we got another ice-cream and as we ate our ice-creams we also got a ride on like a little carriage by a man on a bike bulling us, it was fun. For dinner we had another mixture of food and we ate with two of Angela’s friends and Sophie with Phoebe and Georgia also came and had dinner with us to, dinner was ok like it wasn’t that great but it was still ok, after dinner we all said goodbye and then we all left to go back home, when Zoe and I got to Angela’s house we had a shower and then we went to bed.

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