Day 6 – Georgia

We left the hotel to go to Xincheng Gardens Primary School, our sister school in Suzhou, this school is also Big Hills sister school. We went to the Conference Room and met up with Peter, Sophie, Angela, Wendy and the students who went to Big Hill last October-December. We then were given what I’ll call “Welcome Presents” which were bookmarks (that’s going to get lots of use), and some of the students had bought presents, which Sophie did. She gave Phoebe and I a little purse each. We then had a tour of the school, we first went to the Ancient Biology Room, it was really cool with fossils and skeletons of dinosaurs and animals from back then. We then went to the art gallery, some of the students there are very good artists and photographers. Then we went outside to watch the morning exercise. It is very cool to watch. We then went back and had morning tea, which was dumplings and some white tea. When classes restarted we went to a calligraphy class, it was very cool to watch and even more fun when we had to pair up with a student and they taught us how to do it. I was ok… (I think.) Anyway, then we went back up and had lunch before leaving to go back to the hotel before getting picked up for the home stay.

When Sophie and her mum Jessie turned up, Phoebe and I were ready to leave, but first we waited for Angela’s dad (Angela had gone with Sophie and Jessie). We then went to Pin Jiang Road, were we walked along until we found the art gallery. We went inside and we then waited a bit before we could sit down and have a shot at Chinese Painting. We traced over a lotus flower. We then walked until we reached the Pottery, where we were able to start straight away. The potter was walking between the 6 of us (Sophie, Phoebe, Zoe, Ebony, Angela and me) and helping us create bowls and vases, it’s very difficult and very messy. After we all finished we left and got on this small boat for a river cruise (Pin Jiang Road is next to one of the rivers/canals). It was a little bit rocky, and we took lots of photos and at the end Angela used her dad’s phone to play Starving by Hailee Stienfield ft. Zedd. We then got on these bicycles with carriages to fit three of us kids on the seat. The men riding the bikes rode us down to the end and we then went for dinner with Sophie and Angela’s friends. After we’d finished eating we went outside and Zoe and Ebony were doing gymnastics and I was dancing. Sophie, Angela, Jessie and their friends really like watching it. We then went our seperate ways and promised to meet up with them tomorrow morning at 8am. {I think I forgot to mention that Xincheng Gardens start at 8:00am and end at 3:45pm. Sophie said that there are seven classes a day.}

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12 thoughts on “Day 6 – Georgia

  1. Hi Georgia! We have all been missing you and I cant wait till you get back! While you are in China we have been having baseball clinics. What is the craziest thing you’ve done and eaten? What are some of the things you’ve bought so far? Keep posting. Can’t wait to see you again. Sorry it’s short I didn’t have much time!
    -Bella πŸ™‚ :p <3

    • I miss you to Bell, how are the Baseball clinics?? What’s the craziest thing I have done?? I think standing on the glass floor of the Pearl Tower on 1 leg. The weirdest things I have eaten, Ducks Tongue and Chicken claw. I have bought a fan and a Chinese dress for me.

    • 3/4 W thought you were very brave to try the ducks tongue. 90% of the class said that they wouldn’t have eaten it. Gee, are you any relation to Bear Grylls the British survival specialist?

      • Mr W and 3/4W thanks for thinking I was brave trying the duck tongue, you see if I didn’t have any experience in Chinese foods (e.g. Me trying chicken feet), I wouldn’t have eaten it. But I do so I did and the 90% of the class who wouldn’t eat it, GOOD CHOICE! If you have read Ebony’s Day 6 post, she thinks it’s disgusting. I think it’s ok. And no I am not related to Bear Grylls.

  2. Sophie’s mum sent an email with some photos attached, one was of the lotus flower that you did, it looks great! Say hello to Sophie from me and Nonno if you get the chance.
    Gosh your adventure is nearly over! It seems like you are having a wonderful experience.
    Lots of love from Nonna and Nonno xxxx

    • Thanks! I did, she says hi back. I know right. We only have one more full day!! It’s gone so fast! Lots of love and kisses, Georgia 😘 πŸ’‹ ❀️ πŸ’œ

  3. It seems ages Ε£o us though! Your blog is great, we are really enjoying it. We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing ALL about it.
    I am going to the dam across the road tomorrow to see if I can rustle up some duck’s tongues. πŸ‘… πŸ‘… πŸ‘… πŸ‘…
    Lots of love from Nonna and Nonno
    PS. You might get this message twice as I am not sure if it went the first time, I think I mucked up the anti-spam word. Do you have them at your end?They are pretty funny. This one is “evil draw”

    • Last Day! Thanks for thinking my blog is great. You won’t believe how many stories there are to tell you. Please don’t go rustling up duck tongues, Mill wouldn’t try them and knowing Dad he wouldn’t either. But still, they’re ok, I guess.
      Lots of Love from Georgia ❀️
      P.S. I didn’t get the message twice, and yes we do have anti-spam words, though I don’t use them as I have a login. They are pretty funny, once I had ‘fat pig’.

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