Day 7- Ebony

As Zoe and I woke up, we had to get dressed and get ready for our big day because we were going to school and I was excited to do some lessons, at 7:20 we had to leave the house to go to school, when we got to school we went to the meeting room ready to start the day for us new kids, then we went a made some sticky rice, it was hard to make, I made 2, after that we got to go aside and play for a little while, it was boring because it was so hot and so me and 2 other girls sat in the shade talking to each other, then the music went and we had to go back to the meeting room, at the meeting room we got some food like pizza, dumplings and some other ok kinds of food then we went down stairs to have some photos taken once we had our photos taken I and some other kids handed out some gifts for people and I was getting so surrounded with lots of people that I had like no room to move and till I ran out of gifts to give out so then I ran back up to the meeting room to put the bag of gifts away then it was time to go back to the hotel and go to have some kong fu lessons, that was fun, but the kong fu lessons were hard to do and also so confusing to do but it was still fun, once the kong fu lessons were over we went to the gardens and we got a ice-cream there, the gardens were really cool, I loved the gardens, we stayed there for about an hour and a half an then we went out for dinner witch I had like lots of rice there because I didn’t really like anything else, after dinner we went back to the hotel and we all had a shower and then we all went to bed ready for the next big day.

5 thoughts on “Day 7- Ebony

  1. Hi Eb, well done on the blogs. You sound like you are having an amazing time… Lots of new experiences xx

  2. Gee, life is going to be a bit different when you come home, Eb. All these new experiences should keep you going for a long time., Lucy and Harvey will be excited to see you in a couple of days.

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