Day 7- Georgia

We got up, to realise that we weren’t in a hotel, but at our home stay Sophie’s place. We had breakfast (dumplings) before going to Xincheng Gardens Primary School. We then went to the room where we were yesterday, before going to an art class. In the art class we made rice dumplings (ones we couldn’t eat though). They are very tricky. We then had photos before having morning tea. We then went out side for their snack play. We watched the kids roller blade around the running track (one: it’s a four hundred metre running track. 2: YES THEY DO HAVE A ROLLERBLADING TRACK). Then some kids (not me though) assembled a soccer team, and so did some of the Chinese students for a game of soccer, score 0-0.  Then we had lunch before photos and getting these circles of younger students crowding us to have toys.

We then went back to our hotel (Grand MetroPark Hotel) to drop our bags off. Then we went to where we would learn Chinese Kung Fu. After we learnt it we watched the teacher do a performance. He was really cool, he used these 19th century whips, nunchucks, and he even broke an iron rod on his head and one by hand. Ouch! Then we went to the Humble Administrators Garden. Back 500 years ago, this garden was built. When the man who built it died, his son got it. His son liked gambling and soon gambled it away to three new owners. Each owner changed the garden to suit their likings. It was very cool. (There are photos at the bottom.) There were some cool rock stairs/hiding spots. Then we had dinner, which was nice. I was glad there were no duck tongue though. That was weird. Athen we went back to the hotel and went to bed.


2 thoughts on “Day 7- Georgia

  1. Garden photos are lovely Georgia! Have you said goodbye to Sophie? That would have been a bit sad.
    But soon it’s hello-o-o to us! Can’t wait!
    Love you lots!
    Nonna and Nonno xxxxx

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