Day 7


It was back to Xingcheng Garden PS this morning, this time with some additional schools coming along with us, a bit of a novelty was that the bus had two tables in the middle of it. We arrived to find the GSPS girls there after there homestay, they had a great night with their families. We got to go and do some paper folding and sewing activities before having some dumplings – Yum.

We got to go out in the yard and watch the students from Xingcheng do some PE and rollerblading. It ended with an Soccer friendly between Australia and China. It was probably the highlight of the day. Shock horror the game ended in a nil all draw, who would have thought a soccer match would finish with that score line.

After lunch we left the school and headed for a Kung Fu lesson with a Kung Fu master who has studied at the Shaolin Temple. The kids enjoyed it, but were very tired. At the end he gave a demonstration and it was pretty impressive, very strong. At one stage he broke metal bars on his head.

Next we went to the Humble Administrators Gardens, which are simply stunning. They are over 500 years old and set in four sections. There are fantastic ponds and rockeries. The girls loved finding different nooks and crannies to take photos from. The village outside the gardens is very nice, but very busy with scooters, you have to keep you wits about you. Whilst there we saw OHS at it’s best with people standing on chairs on top of tables. In fact there are a lot of things like that. On day one I almost got burnt by someone oxy welding whilst out running. One of the best thing about driving around Suzhou is seeing the was the way the traffic moves around.


3 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Thanks for the updates Mr Freer. You are all experiencing so many amazing things and you will have more stories to share when you get back. It may not be a good idea to introduce GSPS to Kung Fu fighting while standing on furniture, even if you are wearing your new silk tie. 😉

  2. I am appreciating all the daily updates from you Shane, as Zoe seems to be a bit behind in her blogs!

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