Day 8-Georgia

We got ready to leave for Shanghai. Our tour guide, Rose, said we weren’t going directly to Shanghai, first we were stopping at this ancient water town called Tong Li. We went to the gardens hPa day Rose and the other tour guide told us to get into groups of five or six. In my group there was Ebony, two girls from Maiden Gully called Milana and Sasha, and two girls from another school. Our task: to find the five pictures on a piece of paper. There was a decorative stone floor(easy), a window(also easy), a rooftop (semi-hard), a door that looked like a vase (hard), and a painting (HARDEST THING POSSIBLE). Anyway, our group didn’t finish first nor last. Then we went on a river cruise, the limit was six a boat, we only had five so Mr Freer got Milana to join us. Then when it finished we waited for the rest of Maiden Gully before going to find an ice cream store (it was very hot). We found one and then went and waited for the tour guides. Then we had lunch before going back to board the bus. We drove to the Park Hotel, Shanghai. Then we got off, grabbed our suitcases, and waited to see what room we were in. Then we went upstairs.

At five we come down for tea, Mr Freer said we were having McDonalds because they didn’t know how long the food at a restaurant would take, then we got on the line one Met to get to Shanghai Circus World. We then went and had a look around a square for half an hour, we were meant to meet at seven and it was only 6:30. When we were allowed in, we got popcorn, lollies and drinks before going and getting good seats. At 7:30 the show started. There was this lady who was balancing on one hand, doing things like handstands and swapping hands. Then these ladies on bicycles came out. One was going backwards in the middle of the ring doing a mono. Then the other ladies come back out and they were doing things on their bikes like handstands on their handlebars. Then 3 bikes left, and four ladies so there were three bikes and five ladies. Two ladies had a ladies with them and they were doing front flips to the bike in front and back to the one behind. Then there was this man who stacked rings on a trailer and then men were doing flips and the sort through them. There were more cool stuff, but I can’t really remember them. At the end they had not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, but 8 motorbike riders going around in the metal cage thing at ONCE. That was just Unreal. Then after the show finished we got the met back to People’s Square and went to the hotel to pack our bags properly before going to bed.

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