Day 8

Yes, sorry it’s a bit late

We packed our beautiful rooms and got on the bus to Tongli village. 65% of the Suzhou area is made up of water. Tongli is an area made up of buildings set on canals like Venice. We had a beautiful gondola ride around the canals and got to see some of the locals going about their day to day lives. Some were fishing, some were washing their clothes in the canals. One fisherman had trained cormorants to dive in and grab fish and then they would jump onto his boat. He had tied something around their necks so they couldn’t swallow the fish. Then he would retrieve it from their beaks.

One of the highlights was Mr King and I finding a decent coffee!

We had lunch at a restaurant alongside a canal. We were seated upstairs with great views. It seemed that the kids were starting to struggle with the food and much of the traditional Chinese dishes didn’t eaten, instead the kids filled up on rice.

After lunch we jumped on the bus for the trip back to Shanghai. It was a bit of a hair raising ride with a bus driver that seemed in a bit of hurray. We arrived back to the Park Hotel and got ready for the ERA Shanghai Circus. The trip to the Circus was the most crowded and uncomfortable MET ride we have had. And as you could imagine after a 30 degree day, the aromas were delightful!

Before the circus I managed to find one of the public share bikes that was unlocked and it was good to spin up and down the road amongst the traffic. The circus is spectacular and you sit there with your heart in your mouth the whole time hoping they won’t crash to the ground. After the performance I got the DVD for the school so that others could share the experience.


Tired we headed home ready for our final day tomorrow.

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