Day 9 – The last day and then flight!

Took the opportunity to go for a run along the creek and down to The Bund for one last look at the people flying kites and exercising. Despite it being 5.30am it is full of people exercising, you really have to watch out for those backwards walkers! When I got back a few of us went to the exercise yard in People’s Square. Watching 93 year olds flip around on roman rings is pretty special. They loved having us there. We had a quick hit of badminton with the locals before heading back to wake the kids.

Our first stop for the final day was the Market. We hit it pretty hard and were getting some good bargains. All of a sudden we noticed many stores starting to close up and then some police came through. The store owners just stayed near their stores watching for the police. After a while we decided to head to Yangs for dumplings.  

After lunch we braved the heat and humidity and headed to The Bund for a quick look. It was reasonably clear but nothing on the days earlier in the trip. After some photos it was sadly time to head back to help pack the bus to take our bags to the airport. Just before leaving I tried to use my bartering skills at the Porsche Dealership, but they didnt want to give me a $500000 discount!

We left on the Met to get to the Maglev station. We were determined to make it there by 3.45pm because after that the Maglev only goes 300kmph instead of 431kmph. After missing the fast one last trip it wasn’t going to happen this time. We made it in time for the second last of these trains and it was amazing.

We cleared customs without an issue and then explored the airport a bit and then it was time to board our flight home!!!!

The flight home was a lot warmer than the way over. The girls slept well, the teacher not so well. The food was, … um …… Bad. Customs was quick and easy and most of use got our bags pretty quickly, we just had to wait for Zoe’s! We were greeted with some very happy families.

The Golden Square Girls represented the themselves and the school fantastically. They should be proud, they were a pleasure to look after.

In the next few week I will get the girls to do some reflection on their trip.

2 thoughts on “Day 9 – The last day and then flight!

  1. Wow, completely amazing. Thank you for the wonderful blogs and for taking great care of the girls. Eb sounds like she has had an absolutely amazing time!! …The top photo is hilarious…might print that one and put it on our wall 😄

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