Day 6 – 7 Zoe

Today we went to our sister school in Suzhou, it was really cool to experience the differences between our school and their school. When we were there we had a tea ceremony and did some Chinese calligraphy after we went back to the hotel and got ready to go with our home stay. Ebony and I went with the same home stay her name was Angela. We went to an old street and did some traditional painting, it was kind of like when we did the calligraphy. We also did some pottery and got an ice cream, mine was really cool because it was in a blue cone with fruit loops around it and the ice cream had a drizzle of maple syrup and a sugar cookie on top. We went out for dinner at a restaurant and I tried ducks tongue and it kind of looked like it had eyes and legs. When we had finished dinner we went back to her place. She lived in an apartment and it was quite small comparing to some of the houses in Australia.
In the morning we had dumplings for breakfast and had to leave the house at 7:20 so we could get to the School early. In China school starts at 7:40, when we got there we met up with all the other students who had done an over night stay at someone’s house. Later that Day we did some craft activities and were lucky enough to get to go outside and play a soccer match, it was like China vs Australia and it was heaps of fun, we gave out some gifts and went back to our hotel to pack for tomorrow because we were going back to Shanghai.

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