Day 5

Tong Li boat ride

Today we visited the Tong Li water town. Our Chinese guide, Michael, called it the little Venice of China. Wow, what a relaxing experience it was. It was almost like we were in a movie set as we gracefully floated along the canal looking up at all the ancient buildings and overhanging trees. Our boat driver managed to paddle and text at the same time. How he didn’t drop his phone into the canal I’ll never know.

3/4 W students will be disappointed that I was unable to catch one of the 100 or so goldfish in the garden pond for our class fish tank… sorry.

After our small boat ride along the canal we explored the elaborate gardens and then the market.

Oysters could be opened, pearls extracted, and then earrings, bracelets or necklaces made.

As we traveled the streets we stumbled across a small store run by an old Chinese man and his wife. For 20 Yuan you had 10 shots to win a prize. All GSPS students threw with precision and scored various trinkets and toys.

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