Farewell Xincheng Gardens PS and Souzhou

What an entrance to our motel!

Today we said seeya to Xincheng Gardens PS. GSPS were invited to exchange gifts with a grade 2 class and also sang ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’.

GSPS students participated in a music lesson where they were able to contribute by reading a poem and the Chinese students were asked to guess the name of the poem. At the conclusion, we listened to some talented pianist’s. Of course my contribution received the most applause with my own interpretation of Bach, symphony no.6 in D minor.

Correct answer Grace.

We were part of the schools 20 year celebration by signing a board at the entrance, especially reserved for special guests. It was then onto the oval to observe rehearsals for their upcoming performance on World Children’s Day.

Best wishes from GSPS

It was great to see GSPS students mingling with Chinese students and even exchanging contact details.

With the homestay finished we packed again and headed off to Shanghai. The main activity for the evening … a river boat cruise. I’ll let the pictures do the talking …


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