Hello everyone, I will try to explain everything that has been happening the past two days, I couldn’t write earlier because my password wasn’t working but I’m back! So hooray. I’ll start from the start.
Getting up at 5.30 wasn’t that great but I managed. When we arrived at the QEO everyone was sad, we were all going to miss our family. On the bus it was so dark but Alyssa and Dakota were very funny. When we got to the airport we had to hand our big suitcase into the lady at the desk. Then we went through the international departures sign! We had to line up for ages in customs, that was not fun. My bag had a bottle of water in it that I forgot about so they took that away from me, but I didn’t care. Then we went and got some chewy and other things, everything was really overpriced. Then it was time to go to our gate, (gate number 16) I took lots of selfies, heaps. Finally we got to go onto the plane, I sat next to a girl called Georgia from kangaroo flat primary school. The food was ok not the best, on the plane I watched into the woods, I slept a bit and listened to some music, then I watched some Tom and Jerry shows to keep me entertained. I vomited over my dinner! Disgusting, I felt horrible. There was a lot of turbulence, heaps I lost count of how many times I got stuck in my seat. When we finally landed I was dying of thirst, and needed a drink of water fast. After we went through customs we got our suitcase we hopped on a bus, (I got the front) we saw lots of cool things there was this beautiful rainbow bridge that just kept changing colour. It was so weird how everyone honked there horns so much like they were greeting each other normally. When we arrived at the hotel, we got our key for our room and then went up to bed, it was so late 11.00 it was really loud trying to get to sleep.
I will tell you about the pearl tower in my next post, so talk soon bye everyone. ☺️

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