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Hi my name is Alannah, and I am very grateful of having the chance to go to China. I have never been overseas before so I am very excited. We had a Chinese girl stay with us for 4 weeks last year, so she has taught me a bit about China and she showed me some photos of parks and that around where she lives. I have been having a lot of dreams about going on the plane to China and going places in China. I am looking forward to tasting new food, and learning new things.

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  1. Hello Alannah. Although you appear very quiet, I have it on good authority from both Mum and Dad that you are very much a chatter box at home. I hope this is the same on your trip. Keep challenging yourself and taking the opportunities that come your way and most of all have fun!!


  2. Hi Lana. Just been checking out where you are in the air! Have an awesome time. Will be thinking of you. The ORielly’s

  3. Hi Alannah.Thinking of you.Hope you had a great time on your first day in China.Enjoy your dumpling dinner.Love you heaps.Gpa Gary and Gma Carol

  4. Hey alannah hope you are having a great time in china
    Very proud of you have only just jumped on board
    Your blogs , look forward to seeing your photos and heSring about
    Your trip … Love uncle Steve !

  5. Hi lanna,
    hope u are having lots and lots of fun miss u so much just some questions to ask u
    what do u normally have for breakfast?
    what do u normally have for tea?
    what hotel do u stay in?
    what activity’s are u going to do ?
    do u miss Beatrice and me?
    do u miss your mom and dad?
    What did u do on the plane?
    Lv Tullie
    ps:skype meh ^_^

    • 1) Well I usually had fruit and maybe some bacon.
      2) We had different types of things but mostly rice.
      3) We stayed in ‘Park Hotel’ in Shanghai and we stayed in ‘Ibis Hotel’ in Suzhou.
      4) We went to different tourist stuff like the pearl tower.
      5) And yes I do miss you and B.
      6) Yes I missed mum and dad.
      7) I watched movies and TV shows and Keily and I talked and laughed heaps.

  6. hi alannah, enjoyed the Skype with you, did you see me up the back. hope we can Skype soon, I use my mum’s account so don’t bother searching me up. how is Angela did you enjoy seeing her. I heard you enjoyed the circus. were you scared at pearl tower?
    does the chocolate taste worst there?
    is your apartment how you dreamed it would be?
    bring something back for me
    see you soon

    • No I didn’t see you, and yes I did enjoy seeing Angela and she is doing good. No I wasn’t scared at the pearl tower. Brodie was though. I didn’t have any chocolate there but I think it isn’t as good there than here. The Hotel was pretty fancy.

  7. hi alannah!
    how’s china? hope you have a good time. all the things that you say you have been doing sound great. it was fun skyping you on Wednesday. the circus sounds spectacular. do you like the food there? and does some of it taste the same as Australia? I hope you had a lot of fun and made new friends. but we miss you so much and hope you come back soon xx !! – Jolie

  8. Hi Alannah hits me Zoe
    how is china I bet you, you are having a great time. I can’t wait till you get back I miss you so much. how was the circus I think you liked a lot and hope you meet a lot of new friends there? Jolie, Beatrice and I can not wait till you come back because there are so many things you need to tell us about china miss you so so much xx From Zoe

    • Hi Zoe, yes China was good. The circus was amazing, Mrs Salm nearly couldn’t watch it! I made a few friends there that were team China.

  9. Hi Leni, I am missing you so much. I hope you are having fun and I can’t wait till you get back and tell us all about it.


  10. hi alannah, I have to ask you 3 open question, please answer
    1 what do you like most? and why?
    2 what’s yours your favourite food? and what is in it?
    3 would you go back to china? and why?
    thanks a lot
    Beatrice 🙂 🙂

    • I loved the market shopping because you can bargain.
      I loved the fried rice and they have rice of course in it and it has like corn and peas and egg.
      I would go back to China because there is lots of amazing and fun stuff there.

  11. I have 3 questions
    1.What’s your favorite Chinese food?
    2.would you go back to china and why?
    3.have you made any new friends? name them.

  12. Hi Alannah are u liking china?

    Was it good to see the china students that stayed with you?
    What has been your favourite thing today?
    and What did you have for breakfast today?

  13. what is the best food you’ve eaten in china?
    Do you miss your mum and dad?
    what has been the best thing?


  14. Have you got a lot of stuff and what did you get? I’m so excited for you to get home it’s not the same without you I miss you so much and we have a netball comp today can’t wait till you get home From Zoexx

  15. Hi Alannah what is your favorite thing to do in china and have you met any new friends what are you doing tonight.

  16. hi alannah, I have to ask you 3 open question, please answer
    1 what is your favourite things in china?
    2 what’s yours your favourite food?
    3 would you like to come back to Bendigo?
    thanks a lot

  17. hi lanna.
    I hope Jacob talked about me with Robin.
    I want to ask you some questions about your trip.
    1.did you like the circus?
    2.what was your favourite part of the school? you like the food ?
    Say Hi to Miss Salm and the others for me.

  18. hi Alannah
    it’s crystal, hope you are having a good time in china.
    what hobbies do the children in china? cannot what to see you.

  19. Hi Alannah How is it going?! Hope it’s going well 🙂 How is the weather like?

    P.S Please bring something back from china 🙂

  20. Hey Alannah,
    I miss you so much!! Hope you had a good flight and are enjoying China and can’t wait for you to get back. Love you to the moon and back!!!
    How have you felt being away from home?
    From Liv

  21. Hi everyone! We are home! Had a great time in a China! My favourite part was probably the pearl tower and the circus, and also I loved the market shopping. China is sooooooooooo amazing! I am so going to go back there when I am older! The food was delicious! They had a lot of rice but they also had a lot of sweet and sour stuff and curries. I am glad to be home and see my mum and dad. I am looking forward to going back to school! See you guys (Beatrice, Zoe, Jolie, Tullie, Cayla, Chantelle and Alyssa) at school!

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