Alyssa C

17 thoughts on “Alyssa C

  1. Hiii. I’m Alyssa and I’m really excited abut EVERYTHING!! Not long to go now!! I will be having my 12th birthday over there on the 2nd of June and I have never been overseas before. I’m just really really excited!!

  2. Hello I m Pippa you mite not know me because Im new to the school .how much fun are you having. I really, really like the glass tower.

  3. Happy Birthday Princess Alyssa. I’ve tried and tried to call but it won’t connect.
    I miss your face beautiful human!!!!
    Hope you had the bestest day and I can’t wait to celebrate your 12th birthday when you get home….
    Luv Mum xoxo

  4. Dear Alyssa, What an exciting time you are having. Poppy & I sent big love & hugs for your birthday.

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