Day 6 – 7 Zoe

Today we went to our sister school in Suzhou, it was really cool to experience the differences between our school and their school. When we were there we had a tea ceremony and did some Chinese calligraphy after we went back to the hotel and got ready to go with our home stay. Ebony and I went with the same home stay her name was Angela. We went to an old street and did some traditional painting, it was kind of like when we did the calligraphy. We also did some pottery and got an ice cream, mine was really cool because it was in a blue cone with fruit loops around it and the ice cream had a drizzle of maple syrup and a sugar cookie on top. We went out for dinner at a restaurant and I tried ducks tongue and it kind of looked like it had eyes and legs. When we had finished dinner we went back to her place. She lived in an apartment and it was quite small comparing to some of the houses in Australia.
In the morning we had dumplings for breakfast and had to leave the house at 7:20 so we could get to the School early. In China school starts at 7:40, when we got there we met up with all the other students who had done an over night stay at someone’s house. Later that Day we did some craft activities and were lucky enough to get to go outside and play a soccer match, it was like China vs Australia and it was heaps of fun, we gave out some gifts and went back to our hotel to pack for tomorrow because we were going back to Shanghai.

Day 5 – Zoe

Woke up early today so that we Skype the school. When we were on the Skype call answered questions and talked about how China was going after the call we went to Starbucks and had our breakfast. After we gathered all the bags and waited for our bus to come because today we were going to Suzhou when the bus arrived we hopped on. The ride was about 2 hours though 3/4 in we went to the silk museum, it was really cool because we got to see the whole process of making silk we also got to go into a shop and have a chance to buy some. Then we finished driving to the hotel picked up our bags and found what room we were in and got to relax for a bit. Later we went to bed

Day 4 – Zoe

Today we went to the insect market, it was lots of fun we saw cats, dogs, fish, guinea pigs and so many others but the main animals were the crickets in China people use crickets for fighting my favourite animal that was there was the squirrel, it was really hyper. After the market we went to the planning museum I loved the the 3rd floor because it had a model of all of Shanghai it was so
cool, the 4th floor was awesome as well because it had all these games there was a driving one and a bike game they were heaps of fun. Then we went to the park and ate dumplings for lunch after we caught a train and went to the markets I bought heaps of stuff for me and for my family.
After we went out for dinner a dessert I had a chicken foot and it looked kinda creepy but tasted fine then we got ice cream went to the hotel and went to bed.


Day 2 – 3 – Zoe

Got up for Breakfast At 7:30 I had dumplings, Vegetables and some other different foods. Then I packed my bag went down the lift and caught up with my group. Today we were going to the pearl tower, The Pearl tower was lots of fun I went on the glass floor and it was amazing you could see heaps of the city and the view was just extraordinary. At the Pearl tower there was a rollercoasters, it was heaps of fun considering it was a virtual reality rollercoasters.
We also went to the history museum personally I was a little bit bored there but that was only my opinion I’m sure other people enjoyed it. After the museum we went to a temple when we got there, There was a huge statue apparently if you got a coin to go into the bottom of the statue your wishes would be granted, there were rooms where people would go and pray.
Later we went out for dinner and had dumplings they were delicious. We also went down to the park started dancing with the local people and that was definitely one of my biggest highlights then we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

The next day we went to the yuyang gardens and markets I got some bits and pieces for my family and went back to the hotel for a rest. After we had lunch we went to the park and saw dating umbrellas, there was also a little fitness gym and we all had a go on that. In the afternoon we came back to the hotel I definitely think that day was the least busy day. later we went on the river cruise it was beautiful you could see all the lit up towers and all these bright lights. After we went back to the hotel and went to bed .


Day 1- Zoe

I got up at 5:00am this morning to get ready for the bus. It was about 5:45am when we left on the bus.
for Melbourne, it was about a two hour drive and I sat next to phoebe.
When we got to the airport we weighed our bags and went through customs that took at least an
After we got to do a bit of shopping we had $20 to spend I bought gum hungry jacks and lots of other snacks, after we had finished shopping we were aloud to board this was my first ever plane trip!
Through the plane ride we got two meals and we had TVs on the seats so you could watch movies
though I don’t think that there was enough English movies to last the whole eleven hours. You could also play games and see where the aeroplane was on an app. My favourite part about the plane was when we took off and that Phoebe and I got to sit at the window oh and the turbulence.
When the plane landed it was 7:30 Chinese time but it would of been 9:30 in Australia because China is two hours behind. It look really foggy out side and normally when it’s foggy it’s cold so I was about to put on my jumper until I realised it was summer, we left the plane went though security and customs again then we collected our bags and hopped on the bus that would take us to the hotel. By then we were all tired but we still had things to do , when we got to the hotel we got our room cards and our bags and went up to our rooms I am in room 816 and share a room with Ebony. When we got the the rooms we unpacked and went to bed excited for tomorrow.