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Hello everyone this is my awesome page where you will get to talk to me when I go to China! I am quite amazed that I even got chosen, but here I am going to China. I have been overseas before, that was last year when I went to Bali, it was very fun. I am looking forward to all the new experiences I will get with the food and pratically everything else. I am looking forward to going, I am very excited. 🙂  

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  1. Hi Beatrice, I still can’t believe you will be off to China next week. Look how old I was before visiting!! I must show you my photos again of Shanghai so we can compare notes! Lots of love, Granny xx

  2. Tomorrow (at last) my love and kisses will be following the flight to Shanghai – you lucky duck!!!
    love, hugs and kisses, Granny xx

  3. I keep looking at my clock and thinking – “where are they now”? Five hours so over half way? How much of Harry Potter have you read?
    Love Granny xxxxx

  4. Glad to hear you are in Shanghai Beatrice. Hope the flight was OK & you had a good night’s sleep. Have fun exploring Shanghai today. What 3 new foods are you going to try today? Love Mum xx

  5. Good morning Beatrice – hope you had a good sleep and today I see you will be shopping again – hope you get some bargains!! It was great to see your photo enjoying the dumplings! Love Granny xx

  6. Have you had a fun day Beatrice? Looking forward to reading a blog post & seeing some photos from you. Mum xx

  7. Wow, reading the blog about the circus I really would like to hop on a plane just as suggested. What was the best part for you Beatrice? Shanghai brings back so many happy memories for us. Have fun, lots of love Granny xxx and Grandad who is snoring in bed!!! xxx

  8. Hello everyone, I will try to explain everything that has been happening the past two days, I couldn’t write earlier because my password wasn’t working but I’m back! So hooray. I’ll start from the start.
    Getting up at 5.30 wasn’t that great but I managed. When we arrived at the QEO everyone was sad, we were all going to miss our family. On the bus it was so dark but Alyssa and Dakota were very funny. When we got to the airport we had to hand our big suitcase into the lady at the desk. Then we went through the international departures sign! We had to line up for ages in customs, that was not fun. My bag had a bottle of water in it that I forgot about so they took that away from me, but I didn’t care. Then we went and got some chewy and other things, everything was really overpriced. Then it was time to go to our gate, (gate number 16) I took lots of selfies, heaps.

    • Hi Beatrice! It’s Georgia, Phoebe’s friend. How is Shanghai? I hope you are having fun. Have you tried 2 new foods? I hope you got some bargains. And was the room you shared with the others in Shanghai luxurious? Oh, and what were the 5 most interesting parts of the circus?
      Was the pearl tower scary on the level that the floor was glass. And also, I hope that Suzhou is great.
      From Georgia
      PS. I’ll tell Phoebe your page’s search bar.
      Have Fun!!

      • Hi Georgia, you had lots of questions but I will try to answer them all. How is Shanghai, Shanghai was amazing, there was so many things to see, it was just breath taking. Have you tried 2 new foods, yes I have, Some Chinese chicken soup, and really spicy beef. I did quite well with bargaing, I got quite a few things. The hotel rooms in Shanghai and Suzhou have both been very fancy and luxurious. The 5 most interesting parts of the circus was, 1. Motor bikes, they put 8 of them in one of those round cages. 2. These girls on bikes. They would ride no handed with 1 person standing on her shoulders, while another stands on the other persons shoulders. 3. These group of guys doing backflips, and all sorts of amazing flips and stuff I can’t name. 4. Contortionist, there were 4 girls who came out of a big terracotta pot and the. Started to walk on their hands, around the girls on bikes! 5. These people who would run around on this giant circle thing, while skipping, and even blind folded, buy the way the circle thing was doing a big loop the whole time. The Pearl tower was scary at first, but I was brave enough and went all the way out and layed down.

        • How is it over their is it raining, sunny, snowy has it flooded hope you had a good time over their plus how was the fish eyes bye.
          from Dylan g.

          • Hey Dylan g, In Suzhou on the first day it was boiling hot, yesterday it was poring rain, today it is just cloudy. In Shanghai it was very humid. By the way I didn’t wan to eat the fish eyes, but Alyssa did.

          • Hey guys, I have been pressured to write on my blog about my night at Angela’s, my home stay. So here it is. I got picked up from the school with Angela, and went with her mum in her car. We then went to the mall and went to the arcade. I played ice hockey, and then played some cool games. I won a few prizes as well. We then went to ‘Times Square’ and rode free scooters! We then went to a early snack dinner and had, dumplings and steamed bun. After that we went to another place and had cold noodles? As well as spicy pork. We met Alice, Jessie and Sunny who went to Kennington primary school. After that they all came to Angela’s house, and we exchanged gifts and presents. I then Skyped my mum and dad, Angela’s mum Marissa came and Skyped as well as her dad. I then played a game with Alice, Jessie, Sunny and Angela. The game was just like Jenga, but you would roll a dice and it would come up with a start, square, triangle, a zero and a two. If it game up with a star, square or triangle you would have to pull out one of the blocks with that picture on it and place it on top. A zero means you pass, your go is skipped. A two means you have to pull out two of your choice. Alice was the one to make it fall over. Then I had a shower, Angela’s mum specialy blew dried my hair after the shower. I then went to sleep because I had to get up at seven o’clock. For breakfast I had spring rolls, steamed bun and a egg. The spring roll and steamed bun were made by her grandfather, they were delicious. Angela’s dad then drove a us to school in his car.

    • Hi Beatrice how’s it been going in Shanghai?
      When u & the other guys went up the Pearl tower was standing on glass scary:-3
      what market did u go too? and did u get a lot of bargains

      • Hey Keela, Shanghai has been great, I have loved it all. If you read my reply on Georgia’s it was scary at first, but I was really brave and went out onto it. The markets we have been to so far were the one in Yu Yuan, (you probably don’t no were that is) and the underground market in the subway.
        Thanks for the questions.

  9. I had to split up my post because it was too long, so here is another part.
    Finally we got to go onto the plane, I sat next to a girl called Georgia from kangaroo flat primary school. The food was ok not the best, on the plane I watched into the woods, I slept a bit and listened to some music, then I watched some Tom and Jerry shows to keep me entertained. I vomited over my dinner! Disgusting, I felt horrible. There was a lot of turbulence, heaps I lost count of how many times I got stuck in my seat. When we finally landed I was dying of thirst, and needed a drink of water fast.

    • Hi Beatrice,
      Was the circus AWESOME?
      Was the plane tripe great?
      What was your favourite part of China?
      I have never been to China but, I think it would be cool!

      • Hey Madisonpa, the circus wasn’t just awesome it was spectacular. Now if you read one of my posts you will have found I was sick all over my dinner Wich wasn’t that great, and over all it was pretty boring for being on plane for 10 hours. I’m not sure what is my favourite part of China yet, but so far it has been sight seeing, just looking around is amazing, and taking every thing in. By the way I think you would love China, you should really apply in grade 5 or 6.

  10. And here is another part.
    After we went through customs we got our suitcase we hopped on a bus, (I got the front) we saw lots of cool things there was this beautiful rainbow bridge that just kept changing colour. It was so weird how everyone honked there horns so much like they were greeting each other normally. When we arrived at the hotel, we got our key for our room and then went up to bed, it was so late 11.00 it was really loud trying to get to sleep.
    I will tell you about the pearl tower in my next post, so talk soon bye everyone.

  11. Thanks for the update on Day 1. I bet you were glad when that plane trip ended in Shanghai. Turbulence isn’t too fun for us land lovers & airplane food is over-rated. Mum xx

  12. Goodmorning, it was great to talk to you last night about Day 4 and then to read the blog this morning – I was wishing I was back in the Yuyang Gardens and the Jade Temple!!! Have a great day in Suzhou! Love Granny xx

  13. Dear Beatrice,
    What was the circus called?
    It sounded really good.
    What was your favourite thing you had for dinner?
    I really like your hotel. It looked very busy.
    From Zahli

  14. Hello are you having lots and lots of fun the palace is pretty how cool is the circus and what are all of the things that you did in the circus

  15. How is it going at China?
    What is your favourite thing in China?
    Did you go on the pearl tower?
    Is it scary when you look down?
    What was your favourite thing in the circus?
    Was there a funny clown?

  16. Hey Beatrice
    I hope you are having an awesome time in Shanghai. What was your favourite part of the circus? What was your favourite thing in china? From Sophie H. 

  17. I hope you are having an EPIC time in shanghai. What was your favourite part of the circus? And how long did it take to get to china? What was your favourite thing in china apart from the circus? How big is the lobby inside?
    From Jasmine M. 

  18. Hi Beatrice, I have just looked at your wonderful photos – oh to be in Shanghai again!! Can’t wait to hear about your day today and all the new food – no more western food for a few days. Maybe you will have some duck – my favourite (I had duck in Kyneton on Saturday)!! Talk to you in the morning on the blog. Lots of love, Granny xxx

  19. Good morning Beatrice, I have just had a lovely conversation with Edwina. Well today will be excitement plus for you at school and off to Angela’s place tonight – please say hello to Angela from us. It was great being at Assembly yesterday when you all came through on Skpe. I am going to have to rug up well for St Arnaud today as it is freezing – 1 degree in Bendigo and thick frost. Go Phoebe!
    Lots of love, Granny xxx

  20. Beatrice – have a great day at school & lots of fun with Angela & her family tonight. Say hello to Angela from all of us & we look forward to hearing what you get up to with them. Mum xx

  21. Good morning from our beautiful b anb in st arnaud. It is lovely and so warm. It was inspirational to see how well phoebe ran yesterday. Cant wait to hear how your night went with angela. It is just great that you had an opportunity to stay in a private home. Love granny xx

  22. Hi Beachy! Hope your having a fantastic time in China. It is to cold here! I wish I was in China, I’m so jealous! Can’t wait for you to get back so I can have a look at some photos. How was your stay with Angela? Also what has been your favourite part so far?

  23. Hi Beatrice,
    How is China? What is the shops like? Was the Circus Funny? I hope you are having a great time in China.
    From Phoebe

  24. Hi Beatrice,
    I hope your having a lovely time in China. What is your favourite food so far that you have tried and what is your favourite thing so far? I heard that you were sick I feel really bad for you, I hope your better!
    From Tahlia

  25. Hi Beatrice, what was your favourite bit about china and did you eat the fish if you did was it nice or not and also are you having a good time I wish I was there.

  26. Hi Beatrice,
    I hope your having a lovely time in China.
    I did well at Saint Arnaud yesterday, I did not get into states but I came twenty fifth.
    I hope you have a great time and enjoy the rest of your time in China.
    Cant wait till you come back.
    P.S. What is your favourite thing you’ve done so far.
    See you when you get back.
    Have fun!
    Love from Charlotte

    • Hey Charlotte, congrats on coming 25th that’s great. My favourite thing so far would probably have to be going to the school, that was just amazing. I can’t wait to see you to.
      From Beatrice

  27. Good morning Beatrice – fantastic to read about your great time with Angela and her family, and Mr Freer’s blog on Day 7 – your life has been so enriched by this wonderful experience. Enjoy Shanghai again and of course the Silk Museum. Love, Granny xxx

  28. Beatrice your time at Angela’s sounded great. Her mum has sent through some lovely photos. Shame you can’t bring home some of the grandfather’s steamed buns & spring rolls! Have fun today. Love Mum xx

  29. Hello everyone, this morning we got up at 6.30 to be ready for the bus. I went down to breakfast at quarter to seven, so I had plenty of time. I wasn’t really brave at breakfast, I only had toast, watermelon and a bit of fruit salad. Today we went to the humble administrator garden, it was divided into three sections, east, middle and west. They were all truly beautiful, they all had the four key parts needed in a garden. Water, that represents the rivers and lakes. Stones, they represent mountains. Architecture, that represents the buildings/temples. I can’t remember the other one I will have to check up on that one. We then out for the most beautiful lunch ever, we had Suzhou fish, sweet potatoes covered in sugar! Fried rice, spicy pork, meatballs with soup and lots more. The bus was very boring and there was loads of traffic, all I did was look out the window and listen to music. We went shopping strait away once we reached the hotel, I bought more presents and stuff for me. After we went to Starbucks, I had a mango and passion fruit drink. We are now about to go out for maccas or something. Talk soon.

  30. Good morning Beatrice – fantastic to read your blog from yesterday – what a wonderful lunch you had. Have a fun day today – Granny and Grandad wish you a smooth flight home – being night time we hope you gets lots of sleep. Have you any Harry Potter left to read? xoxoxo

  31. Beatrice – Enjoy your last day seeing the sights of Shanghai. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Sleep lots on the plane. Love Mum xx

  32. Omg we are actually leaving China today. I am sad and happy at the same time, I miss you all, but I loved it in China. I will tell you all about it when we get back in Australia.

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