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Hi, my name is Brodie and I’m one of the five students going to China this year.

I am thrilled to have the chance, I am looking forward to the circus and the cruise.



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  1. Brodie, I am sure you didn’t expect to be going to China this year. You presented yourself very well and will be a great ambassador. Have fun!!!

    Mr G

  2. Hi Brodie
    Hope your having a great time. We bought Mario kart 8 today and have been having fun playing it, practicing for when you get back. Dakota won the first gold cup which is as bad as Sydney beating geelong by a tonne which is ridiculous, the bombers might win for a change at this rate. Look forward to hearing about china see you soon.

  3. Dear Brodie
    I hope your having a good time and that you have fun at the circus! Did you have noodles for dinner tonight?
    Guess what- I bet mum at Mario Kart- 4 to 0.

  4. Hi Brodie, So glad to hear you arrived safely – hope China is all you thought it would be – can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home. Remember, have fun.

  5. Hi Brodie
    Hope you are having a great time and enjoying all the sights.
    Bet you are missing us (fat Chance)
    Take lots of pictures and get all the information so we can find out all about it when you get home.
    Most of all Enjoy yourself
    Love Poppa Jill and Tameka

  6. Hi Brodie, hope you’re having a fantastic time. Make the most of this incredible opportunity and see and do everything you possibly can before you have to leave. Have fun! See you when you get home – Nikki, Gary and Adam.

  7. I have 3 questions For you Brodie.
    1. What would be your top 3 favourite things at the circus?
    2. What were your favourite foods in china?
    3. What would be your favourite dinner in china?

  8. What were some of the different foods you ate and what was your favorite?
    What was it like been away from home for so long?

  9. Hi Brodie, What has the weather been like in China? It has been cold, foggy and wet in Bendigo. See you next Tuesday. Brodie

  10. What is the most fun thing you have done there? Can’t wait till you get back its Different without you. You need to hurry home From Zoe

  11. hey i,m here for a little interview!
    Have you made any new friend, if you did what are their names?
    Whats the food you’ve ate most and why do you like it?
    What did you like most about the sister school and what did you do best
    k thanks bye

  12. Hey Brodie,
    Hope you had a good flight and are enjoying China and can’t wait for you to get back.
    What’s your favourite food and why?

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