Day 8-Georgia

We got ready to leave for Shanghai. Our tour guide, Rose, said we weren’t going directly to Shanghai, first we were stopping at this ancient water town called Tong Li. We went to the gardens hPa day Rose and the other tour guide told us to get into groups of five or six. In my group there was Ebony, two girls from Maiden Gully called Milana and Sasha, and two girls from another school. Our task: to find the five pictures on a piece of paper. There was a decorative stone floor(easy), a window(also easy), a rooftop (semi-hard), a door that looked like a vase (hard), and a painting (HARDEST THING POSSIBLE). Anyway, our group didn’t finish first nor last. Then we went on a river cruise, the limit was six a boat, we only had five so Mr Freer got Milana to join us. Then when it finished we waited for the rest of Maiden Gully before going to find an ice cream store (it was very hot). We found one and then went and waited for the tour guides. Then we had lunch before going back to board the bus. We drove to the Park Hotel, Shanghai. Then we got off, grabbed our suitcases, and waited to see what room we were in. Then we went upstairs.

At five we come down for tea, Mr Freer said we were having McDonalds because they didn’t know how long the food at a restaurant would take, then we got on the line one Met to get to Shanghai Circus World. We then went and had a look around a square for half an hour, we were meant to meet at seven and it was only 6:30. When we were allowed in, we got popcorn, lollies and drinks before going and getting good seats. At 7:30 the show started. There was this lady who was balancing on one hand, doing things like handstands and swapping hands. Then these ladies on bicycles came out. One was going backwards in the middle of the ring doing a mono. Then the other ladies come back out and they were doing things on their bikes like handstands on their handlebars. Then 3 bikes left, and four ladies so there were three bikes and five ladies. Two ladies had a ladies with them and they were doing front flips to the bike in front and back to the one behind. Then there was this man who stacked rings on a trailer and then men were doing flips and the sort through them. There were more cool stuff, but I can’t really remember them. At the end they had not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, but 8 motorbike riders going around in the metal cage thing at ONCE. That was just Unreal. Then after the show finished we got the met back to People’s Square and went to the hotel to pack our bags properly before going to bed.

Day 8 – Cody

Today I can’t remember much??? From what I can remember we went to the silk factory. We got to see a the little silk worms and how silk was made. At the end their was a massive shop. Everything was sooooo expensive. I still got one thing, probably the only thing that wasn’t about 785535565 yuan. A, little, blue, silk, handkerchief!!! It cost me a whole 15¥! That’s $3!

Any ‘housawatsit’ we were taken to a canal where we got our group photo. Pretty nice canal if I do say so myself. We went back to the hotel to have lunch (I think), grab our bags and head back to Shanghai! What did we do in Shanghai? The only thing we went back to 25 times. The market. Again, this is like watching the same movie more than 10 times. But I am not complaining at all because I bought some, when I say some, I mean 3 panda hoodie sort of things. It probably resembles more a Beanie?

Later that night we walked to the Bund. We didn’t see much except for people’s heads because it was the dragon boat festival and everyone was out and about. Then we played with these shooty in the sky sort of things. Then bed. Got to say goodbye from, “You no who!”

P.S. Can you spot all of the panda hats????

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Day 8-Zoe

Day 8
At breakfast I had a lot of things that I don’t remember. Breakfast was really good. I was so sad that it was one of my last breakfasts. I really liked breakfast because I got to have fried dough again.

Yay on the eighth day we were going to the silk factory. When we got there our bus tour lady Celia showed us the stages of silk and showed us two prices of silk she said which one of the a fake. Most of us got it wrong because we couldn’t tell.

Then we went in the factory part of the building where they were making all of the silk things. After that we got to stretch the silk on the silk table. It felt like we did it wrong but they said we did it really well for Australians. Then we went into the shop where they sold all of the silk. I didn’t buy any because it was really expensive but it was ok.

After the silk factory we went to the train station to go to the science and tech market at the science and tech market I bought a watch and bracelet. Then I bought a lot of other things.

For dinner we went to the Bund it was so yummy I had heaps of food. It was all really yummy. I think I had spring rolls and dim sims or something like that.

After dinner we went into the park and played with these things that you shoot up and the glow it’s so cool when you all shoot.

When we got back I went and washed my clothes then I went to sleep.imageimageimageimageimage20160610-103600.jpg Continue reading »

Day 8🇨🇳- Lily

Day 8
I woke up already dressed for Team China, firstly I was confused then I remember how tired I was the night before, I was packing and I fell asleep packing, in my team China clothes… I woke up with a throbbing pain in one of my ears and I couldn’t hear out of it at all. Anyway I put on some clean clothes and went to have breakfast, after that I did a quick check of my room to make sure I hadn’t left anything, then I bought my case down to the lobby. Then we took a bus to the silk factory, so much stuff, the silk scarfs felt so nice, there was these things that had silk worms and I named one Geraldine, when I patted it, it was like a dinosaur, it was going on his couple of hind legs and having his head around, it was weird. I couldn’t buy anything, a spec silk that might have gotten on my shoe would’ve probably costed me like 988764758895748 yuan… I didn’t even have that much to begin with. Then we kept going on the bus to this canal thing, it was really nice, then we came back to Shanghai and checked in.

Me and Alyssa are in the same smelly room😬 We only have to stay there for one night though, We put our stuff upstairs then went to his place where I got a hot chocolate, but it was gross so I went to put it in the bin and it exploded all over the ground, but it was outside so it didn’t matter too much, then we walked to Starbucks but Mrs Salm didn’t want to wait in line so we went to a People Square to wait for the rest of Team Pearl, we waited a while, and a beggar came up and he was missing a hand and kept saying the same thing, I know it was probably just him asking for money but it crossed my mind that he was hypnotising me… We said no but he wouldn’t leave us alone, we couldn’t find the rest of Team Pearl so we assumed they where already in the station so we went down and they weren’t so the phantom went to go see if they where out at the Starbucks we went to, as he was gone they came and they where there, and hey went to the other Starbucks to look for us, anyway then we caught the train to the science and tech market, I finished all my shopping with about 25 ¥ left. Then we went and got some ice cream, I got a really yummy cookies n cream one, I didn’t eat the cone though, I am not exactly a fan of nuts and the cone had nuts all over the top of it and the cone was huge!

After ice cream we went to our room, then some people knocked on our door, being Liam and Zoe (Madeline Zoe not Zoe from GSPS) came to our room claiming we where having a party, Alyssa invited the, to our room and I had no idea, I told them not to do it or to do it in another room because I had to pack my bag a little bit, so they went to someone’s room and then Zoe from GSPS came in because she had to and then maybe two seconds later, yep nearly right after ice cream, we went for dinner, I had some rice and these really yummy pork bun things, but I could only eat one. Then we came back and we went to our hotel rooms for a little bit and then we went to the bund, it was so nice, the lights where so pretty, there where these springy things that lots of people where selling, I don’t know how to explain what they where but they where awesome and I got 2, then we went to people’s square after the bund and played with them but I was so bad at it and I hurt my fingers.

Then we came back to the hotel and I almost completely packed my bag. Then I basically went straight to sleep, I have been so tired on this trip 💤💤💤😴😴


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Day 8 – Alyssa

Day 8
First I woke at 6am and couldn’t get back to sleepy so I read my book for a while. Then Lily and I got ready for today… Well lily changed her top as she fell asleep in her China top 😂 then we went down for breakfast, I had a taste of a tea egg it was very gross, banana chips, cheerio’s and really disgusting bread stuff. We then went down into the lobby with our suitcases it was difficult because of my stupid suitcase falling down. Then we go on a bus to take is to the silk factory… I was very sad as I had literally 2 Aussie dollars in my purse and like a spec of dust was probably 272982833 yuan. So expensive. We then went to a canal thingy and took some awesome photos, then went to lunch and played Chinese whispers… It was very… Interesting.
Then we boarded the bus and I was to either move to the back or sit next to Luke, so Lily, Liam and I moved to the back with Sam. We just talked while Sophia was recording Liam sing Harry Potter in 99 seconds on my iPad it was so funny he failed literally maybe 5 times 😂 we hen arrived in Shanghai, I’m the same smelly room… I miss the other hotel room.
We first went to a hot chocolate place although I didn’t want one, then Mrs Salm ran over to starbucks alongside Zoe, Zoe, Brylee, Liam, Charli, Sam, Andrew, Jess, Lily and I Mrs Salm didn’t end up getting a Starbucks as the last was huge.
Then we walked over to the train station to wait for Russel, Ash, Cody and Rory. This dude its no hand came up to me asking to donate to him, I didn’t have any chang on me so I couldn’t… But he followed me, I said no money, he followed me and he was asking everybody for money, but it’s just scary when people are following you for money.
After that we found everybody down in the station, we had just missed our train… Luckily the next train will come along 2 minutes later unlike Bendigo. Liam, Charli and I had a Harry Potter conversation to the science and tech markets.
I first tried to buy a Victoria’s Secret Pink case for my cousin gabby. Then I bought some matching black nikes for my brother wyatt for 110 yuan, then I bought a bag so I can put some luggage in, at first I thought it was pointless because of my suitcase extension so I tried to give it back to the man, he wouldn’t let me, so then I tried to exchange the bag for converse the man almost said yes but didn’t. Then I felt bad about my purchase but then once I got back to the hotel I felt better because my stuff wouldn’t of fitted and would be over 23kgs… Maybe. Then I bought my dad some green raybans that of kind of transparent for 33 yuan because I didn’t have enough so I got them for cheaper. Then Cody bought lily and I matching panda hats for our “early birthday presents” we looked really cool and Liam had just bought one so Cody also bought one and then we became a panda family 😂 we had so many photos taken by our teachers.
When we came back to people square Mrs Salm, Russel, Liam, Cody, Lily, Zoe and I all went to an ice cream shop and Mrs Salm spent 235 yuan there! Buying all our ice creams. Then we went back into our hotel Liam and Zo came into my room but lily kicked us out, so we went into Liam’s room and Sam kicked us out, so we went into Zoe’s room and Brylee didn’t kick us out so we stayed there until we had to leave for dinner.
For dinner I tried these really gross beef noodles so I just had fried rice, and a Sprite. Cody, Lily, Zoe and I were singing Pitch Perfect songs and add Sheeran songs.
Then we walked to the bund pretty sure it was very packed as it was the dragon boat festival. We were so close together. Then we catch a bus thing to some lights and we also bought these helicopter things it was addicting, Charli flew both of hers into trees but we got one down. Then we walked back into the hotel and packed kind of and I read like 2 pages of my book and went to sleep.image image image image image image

Goodbye Suzhou…Hello Shanghai

Day 8

Goodbye Suzhou…Hello Shanghai

We awoke-bleary eyed & sleepy, for one last chance at Skyping our families!
Brekky, packed, bus loaded & off to the Silk Museum. Many a purchase was made, though not with bargaining this time. Only the real deal here-quality, pure silk.

An hour or so later we arrived back to the familiar sites of Shanghai. We off loaded our bags & were off into town again. Markets were on the agenda…yes, again! Too many bargains to ignore!

After haggling for an hour or so we headed for our last Shanghai dinner. A highly recommended Thai-Chinese Restaurant just up the road. We had 2 adventurous eaters wanting to try the bullfrog-yes, just like Jeremiah