Day 7- Georgia

We got up, to realise that we weren’t in a hotel, but at our home stay Sophie’s place. We had breakfast (dumplings) before going to Xincheng Gardens Primary School. We then went to the room where we were yesterday, before going to an art class. In the art class we made rice dumplings (ones we couldn’t eat though). They are very tricky. We then had photos before having morning tea. We then went out side for their snack play. We watched the kids roller blade around the running track (one: it’s a four hundred metre running track. 2: YES THEY DO HAVE A ROLLERBLADING TRACK). Then some kids (not me though) assembled a soccer team, and so did some of the Chinese students for a game of soccer, score 0-0.  Then we had lunch before photos and getting these circles of younger students crowding us to have toys.

We then went back to our hotel (Grand MetroPark Hotel) to drop our bags off. Then we went to where we would learn Chinese Kung Fu. After we learnt it we watched the teacher do a performance. He was really cool, he used these 19th century whips, nunchucks, and he even broke an iron rod on his head and one by hand. Ouch! Then we went to the Humble Administrators Garden. Back 500 years ago, this garden was built. When the man who built it died, his son got it. His son liked gambling and soon gambled it away to three new owners. Each owner changed the garden to suit their likings. It was very cool. (There are photos at the bottom.) There were some cool rock stairs/hiding spots. Then we had dinner, which was nice. I was glad there were no duck tongue though. That was weird. Athen we went back to the hotel and went to bed.


Day 7 – Cody

I think I slept in? By the time I got up Oscar was doing his teeth and stuff. To my surprise he was wearing the GSPS school uniform! We were matching. We had home made dumplings. Unfortunately I wasn’t  that hungry because of all the food from yesterday. Oscars Dad drove us to school. I went with him for an hour in his maths class. Even though Chinese have the same numbers as us (fact) most of the stuff was in Chinese and it was some thing about angles. Way higher level than me. So I got to read my English book. Wait I don’t carry a English book? Oh no. It’s ok I just read my book about before you travel vaccination which wasn’t acutely a book it was my vaccinations booklet! And how long did I read it for? An hour! Finally that hour passed and I caught up with the rest of the group. We went to another art room to make flowers and tigers out of clay sort of stuff that goes sort of solid but soft? We where shown more of the school then all the teachers exchanged gifts. The students got little purse things. We said our good byes after more pizza and took our little mini bus back to the hotel and changed from our school uniform to our team China tops. We headed off to a little water town Tongli. It was really cool with all the canals. We went to all of the gardens or one of the many gardens there. Afterward we went back to the hotel and did the usual night routine. Tea, pjs, teeth and sleep…

So that’s the end of today’s blog. Bye!

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Day 6 – Cody

Woke up bright and early to have breky and take the mini bus to our sister school. When we got there they took us to the meeting room for us to sit and eat some fruit. Luke and I tried some lychi which is a fruit with a tough outside that is spiky and soft on the inside. It taste funny. They also showed us their school video and Alyssa was in it!

After we went down to the oval, sports ground, play area to watch this morning exercise that they do every day. It looked like something you would see on just dance?

They took us back to the meeting room before they took us to the art room. We joined a class and the the teacher we talking all in Chinese (obviously ) so we couldn’t under stand a word she was saying. It was making animals out of the shape  of rocks? But then we all got oval pieces of paper to draw an animal. I chose a panda. I finished and she put it on a paper background with bamboo and leaves.

Then they took us to back to the meeting room and there was pizza! Although I didn’t have much because Luke and I tried some of the food that they have for lunch. That filled me up. I was stuffed. Straight after lunch Oscar came to pick me up to go and have more food. Noooo! A just ate a whole heap. We had these delicious rice noodles. Oscar’s dad took us to the old Suzhou wall/museum. Next we went to the same or another old street (can’t remember) but guess what we got. More food! But this wasn’t ordinary food, it was… Chicken feet!!! They weren’t that bad. I quite liked them actually. We went back to Oscars house  for half an hour. Then we went back out to… Guess what more food!! It was tea time. One of the best tea times in China. It was delish. There where mini river lobsters with steam coming out of their bowl!! There was normal stuff like duck and pigeon, pork, dumplings and other things that I just can’t remember?

But that night I did the most bestest amazing-ingest thing ever, for that night. (I don’t think that’s a real sentence). But it goes by the name of Top War! It’s so fun I not going to go through all the details and rules I’m just going to say you, shoot, people! The end…

Ok so bye for this blog any way!

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Day 7🇨🇳 Lily

Day 7
Mrs Salm acted as an alarm again, I woke up with no energy whatsoever, I was having trouble just standing up so I tried to get ready then I just lied in my bed, then we went down and had breakfast, for breakfast I had a banana and some orange juice, th I went down to the lobby and worked on my blog and stuff, ten we caught the bus and came to Xincheng Gardens Primary School.

We went in the meeting room again, and we sat for a little bit then we went into an art room and made some stuff, I made this rose of this clay stuff, and I cut some paper and made an elephant, a girl gave me a paper thing she made, then we went to is gallery room, it had some amazing pictures and stuff, school is very talented, then we came back to the meeting room I ate these berry things that made my tongu bright purple but it didn’t make anyone else’s tongues purple. Then we exchanged gifts, I the teachers got these Chinese tea things and silk scarfs, and us kids got these pretty little things with nice smelling stuff inside, we went and took some pictures then we came back to the room, us kids just sat there for a while whilst the adults just talked, for a long time… Then a pizza man burs in the door, yay pizza, everyone was like yay yay pizza! 🍕🍕

Then we took a bus back to the hotel and we had to put on our Team China tops. Then we took a bus to the river city, the first part was like a park, when we where about to leave there Alyssa told me she bought magic paper, we used it in Chinese at school and we all really wanted some, I went to buy some and I couldn’t find my purse and we had to go, then it started raining really heavy, we went in a cafe and I sat down and almost immediately I found my purse, I was so annoyed. Then we got out umbrellas and walked around then we went in a boat and went through the water, it was so nice, but a little annoying because it was all wet. Then we drove back to the hotel and stopped for a little bit. Then we got on the bus and waited, and waited, and waited until finally we started to drive.

We had this puffy rice stuff (as claimed by Alyssa) it was really yum! Then we went outside where there was this big like jungle gym thing and these capsule things that you get in and just ride around not on tracks or anything and me and Alyssa went in one, and when you try to go forward fast you roll backwards, it’s so scary and when you try to go forward fast you go far forward and the capsules had nothing on the front not a gate or anything you only have a seatbelt on so if you did manage to roll fully forward you would probably fall out, but I screamed heaps it was so fun, then someone crashed into the one Mrs Salm was in and they broke the window thing on it! after that we went back to the hotel and me and Alyssa packed our bags and Alyssa finished and was going to have a shower, and I was soo delirious and tired. I went to try and finish packing my bags while Alyssa was in the shower, I had to make a shirt not inside out, but I was so tired so I payed in my bed and… Fell asleep in my clothes not my pyjamas… I went out like a light once again…



Also I am aware that I posted this after day 8 sorry! Oops! But it’s here now, I thought that I posted day 7 but I guess not, my bad sorry.



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Day 6- Lily

Day 6
Mrs Salm rung us as an alarm at 6:30 and I got up and got dressed and payed in my bed longer after Inwas ready, then I went to Mrs Salm’s room at 7:10 to go down to breakfast, For breakfast I had some Cheerios and a banana.

Then Zoe, Alyssa and I hung out in our room until it was time to take bus to Xincheng Gardens. When we first got there we watched the school video, and to our surprise we were in it, I did’t see myself but I remember I was there, because it was a Team China Skype call we did with them once. Then we went out and watched them do their morning exercise, lots of people were pointing at us and then a little boy came up and put his hand on the side like a high five so I went to highlife it then it turned into a secret handshake, then he came back and shook my hand and gave me a pen, I was so happy because he gave me that pen, he was my new friend, then a girl came up and asked for her pen back, I was so sad… Nah I was fine

Then we went to art at their school, the hole time I just sat there clueless, I worked out they were comparing stones shapes to pictures of animals, but the whole time she spoke Chinese, but then everyone grabbed paper and started draw animals on the paper pieces. I drew a panda, but I didn’t finish.

Then we went to the meeting room again (the room we started in) and we had some pizza, I had a whole cheese one, but they are not big pizzas, they where mini, I couldn’t eat a whole pizza…

After that we went to the hotel and I caught up with my blog post, then we caught a bus to go and do Tai Chi at a garden place, when we got there there was a lady down at the river drinking the water, then she came and joined in with our Tai Chi, it was kind of hard, a lot of people struggled with balancing but I didn’t really that much, so hard though because it was hard about which arms are doing what and stuff.

Then we went to the Humble Administrators Garden, it was soooo pretty, we walked around and I got heaps of photos and, but it was just soooo nice, then we caught the bus to old Suzhou to have dinner, there is always stray random dogs and one guy was taking photos of one, then we went into the restaurant to have dinner, after dinner we went and had Starbucks, I got a hot chocolate, it was almost too chocolaty… ☕️

Then we took a bus back to the hotel and I had a shower and went to sleep, every night I go out at the flick of a switch almost


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TODAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY!! Yay I turned 12. We went to the sister school and they got me a cake and we ate it we had pizza for lunch. at the sister school a class of 48 kids sang happy birthday to me in English and Chinese. When we ate cake at the sister school they wanted me to cut it and it was all mushed up and stuff….oops. for dinner we had Chinese food and another cake. It looked like a mouse. Every one thought it was bread. it had a nose with a bit of chocolate on it. It’s ears were big pieces of chocolate and the eyes were white and normal chocolate. Speaking of eyeballs…..I ATE A FISH EYE!! It was really slimy and felt weird in my mouth. When I put it in my mouth it exploded and this fishy juice squirted in my mouth. The pupil was hard and I couldn’t bite through it. There was also some skin around the eye too that I couldn’t bite through that either. So I had all this in my mouth but it didn’t taste nice. I had to spit out the pupil and skin because I couldn’t bite through them. It wasn’t good. Another boy called Sam sitting at out table at one and said it tasted nice . I almost ate a chicken foot…….it was attached to a piece of chicken and it wasn’t until someone pointed it out that I noticed. I didn’t eat it though. so far this experience has been amazing and I don’t want to go home so soon!