Team China Questionnaire for Blog

  1.       Name: Charlie
  2.       Grade: 6
  3.       Is this your first overseas trip? If yes, where have you been? Yes I have been to queensland for multiple times but i have not been overseas.


  1.       What are you looking forward to the most about your trip to China? Meeting new people and staying away from home.
  2.       Are there any items in particular that you would like to buy in China? Maybe a lucky charm in china to help me make memorise.    
  3.       What types of Chinese foods are you looking forward to trying? Nothing in particular i think i’ll just try the foods i can.
  4.       How do you think you will in your time whilst on the plane? I will sleep and talk to who i’m next to and i’ll just try to have fun.
  5.       What do you think the biggest differences will be between life in China vs life in Australia?

The School, the people and the food because we don’t eat duck tongue here.