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  1. Hello I’m Dakota and i’m going to china with the 2015 program. I’m going with Beatrice, Alyssa and Cooper. I’m the only grade 5 going, the rest are grade 6’s. The things I am intrested in are computers, fixing technology, maths, science and sport. The thing I am looking foward the most of the trip is lots of things. I’m not sure what i am looking forward the most though. But I think im going to love to explore the city of China.

  2. Its March already, getting really excited! Only 82 days until we leave. BUT going to have needles that’s the only part that I’m not excited with πŸ˜€ .

  3. Not long now Dakota !
    We hope you have a blast and keep in contact with us, would love to hear of your adventures in China!
    We will miss you, Love Casey, John, Cooper and Marley xx

  4. I’m so going to miss you and worry,I know your so excited,I can’t wait to hear all about it when you come home.it’s a life time experience you lucky girl Love you beautiful girl Mum xx

  5. I remember when I was counting down from a month… I remember that like yesterday! Time has flown past! I can’t wait!

  6. Starting to get very nervous,Tomorrow you will be flying to China,,How exciting ,My little girl gone for 9 days I will be counting down the days until you arrive back home ,Can’t wait to hear all about it.Stay safe and have fun.
    Love you sweetie
    Mum xxx

    • It was great! We hit turbulence and it felt cool. The lift off was funny because everyone’s like: oooooh! Alyssas reaction was really funny cause she was like shaking.

  7. Dakota, Glad your having a great time,
    What’s the place like where your staying ? I bet the plane ride was long .Love nan and pop xx

  8. Dakota, glad to hear you arrived safely in china, I still cant believe you are there! How was the first day of your China adventure and what did you get up to? Cant wait to hear back from you, and remember to post lots of blogs ! Miss you heaps.
    Lots of love Casey, John, Cooper and Marley. Xx

    • It was great! We hit turbulence and it felt cool. The lift off was funny because everyone’s like: oooooh! Alyssas reaction was really funny cause she was like shaking.

  9. Hello everyone! It’s been a really good journey so far and it’s only early in our fantastic experience. The last two days have been really fun! China is really really busy and is completely different to Bendigo. It’s very busy, when we walk around on the street or look at tourist attractions people want to talk to me in Chinese or take photos with me. When we went to the pearl tower the first level we saw was just the glass walls but when we got higher the highest pearl the floor was GLASS it looked soo cool. I payed down on it and like walked around on the glass area. when we went market shopping it was really funny because everyone was bargaining. We all met at a shop and it was really funny because we were all asking for a bargain and his reaction was hilarious.

    • Ha Dak it’s Dec I bet your having a great time. Was the pearl tower better then you thought? Is the circus funnier then the ones in Bendigo? What kind of stuff did you get from the barging?

      • Yeses fantastic time time and it was way better then I thought it would be. Well I’ve never been to a circus in Bendigo before so it was my first time. Basically the circus like everyone’s mouth was open in surprise.

  10. I am so happy your having a great time. What has been your favourite thing so far ?
    How was shopping ? loving your post, I hope your taking lots of photo’s
    love you
    mum xx

  11. Dakota how was your dumplings ? we are happy your having an exciting time,
    what’s your motel room like ?
    love you Nan and Pop xx

  12. nǐ hǎo Dakota!
    I have spoken with your dad and he has told me your having a great time in china!
    Are you Enjoying the lifestyle and food? Have you seen Bec from Specimen hill primary school?
    I hope your having the best experience! Its a trip of a life time.
    Love you lots!
    From Carly and Zac xo

  13. Hey Dakota, cant believe its only day 3, it feels like you have been there for ages, so glad you are having a blast ! Haha it must be the blonde hair why everyone is trying to talk to you !
    Wow, your obviously not scared of heights, I would not have done that. Have you been taking lots of photos ? I hope you and alyssa have been going to bed when you are supposed to!
    Love casey xx

  14. What has been your favourite thing so far?
    How are you liking the food?
    Have you learnt any Chinese?
    What did you buy when you went shopping?
    MAKE SURE you get off the fast train, when you go on it !
    Be good for Mr. Freer and have the time of your life! When you get home, you will have to show me your flash mob dance.

    • My favourite thing so far is probably the sister schools or the circus or the tower I can’t choose. Yes I’m coping with the food, pretty good. Yes I have Learnt more China scince I came here. HAHAHAHA not telling you what I brought. BUT I’ll give you a hint, MARLEYS CLOTHES ARE ADORABLE.

  15. My favourite thing so far is probably been the circus. I’m liking the food because most of it is western haha. Yes I have learnt some more Chinese and I can’t tell you that because one of them presents are yours! Heheh

    • Hey ! Awh thanks babe πŸ™‚ I went to your school assembly this morning and saw your Skype, mum was crying her eyes out haha ! Well… Mr. Freer said on the Skype in the next few days you’ll be trying traditional Chinese food, so get keen and dont sook out! No more western food Miss !
      Love you to the moon and back! Xx

  16. To Dakota. Was the shopping good and I REALYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY like the palace. I like it because all the floor and the walls are shiny By Darcy.

  17. Dear dakotta is china fun how was the temples what did you buy at the shops how is cooper and Beatrice and alyssa :)

  18. Hi Daktta are you having a amazing time in china. What has your favourite thing been so fare. Is Shanghai a pretty place. What did you buy.from Alana

    • Yesssss very amazing my favourite thing so far is probably the sister schools, circus or towers I brought loads of things it would take me a while to remember them!

  19. Hey Dakota hope you are having fun. I wish I was you and I wish I can go to china. I want to go to the Pearl Tower. but it looks scary.

    • Hello! Yes so much fun maybe you can try when you have the chance the pearl tower…. I wasn’t scared at all I laid down on it and I was the first person to go on it.

  20. Hi Dakota, Alice here, I would fill sad if I when to China but also, Happy because it would be sooo much FUN!!! I hope your having fun in China
    What was your favourite part from the Circus?
    What did you buy?
    What was your favourite part in China?
    What was your favourite part on the plane?
    Did you eat anything on the plane?

    • My favourite part from the circus was the whole thing
      I brought half a million things
      I can’t even choose what my favourite part was the circus, sister school or pearl tower
      My favourite part was lifting and landing because everyone’s reaction was so funny. I didn’t have a reaction because I’ve been on a plane before. And landing because knowing we arrived safely. Yes I did eat something on the plane did you know you lost over 50 percent over taste in the plane and that’s why it isn’t very tasty on plane.

  21. hey Dak its your friend from last year Lara hope your having fun in China

    What was your favourite thing from the circus?

    Was it scary looking down from the pearl tower?

    what has been your favourite food so far?

    Was it hard getting Bargains?

    hope your been having fun in CHINA (wish I could go in with you)

    you friend Lara X3

  22. What was the food like good or bad. Also was it scary on when you went in Pearl Tower. Was it fun going bargain hunting.

  23. What was it like when you went up the Pearl Tower was it creepy, awesome or scary. And also what was your favourite part about the circus?

  24. Hello Dakota this is Jake from 3/4F hope your having a great time in China. What was the best thing out of the pearl towers and the circus. Hope you had a good time in the market buying some stuff.

    • Thank you Jake! I am and THE GLASS FLOOR and everything in circus I liked and thanks! I sure did have fun

  25. how is it I wonder wood it be better here or there wood it fun to run up and down the pearl tower glass floor or bungy jump of it I do I wood do both πŸ™‚ ;0

  26. Dakota I saw you on Skype at school today, The Motel looks beautiful lucky girl,
    Mum started crying when she saw you on Skype at school today .we hope your having a great time
    love you Nan and pop xx

  27. Hi Sweetie, I hope you enjoy going to the sister school , You still have a few shopping days to go lucky you ,6 sleeps to go until your back home, make the most of it and enjoy, It’s so cold here .
    Love and Miss you
    Mum xxx

  28. So far my China experiance has been awesomeeeee and I’m loving it. The sister schools were great and I blended in with size! Haha. The English teacher asked if one of us could pronounce numbers and talk clearly and things. I did it first because it was so cool and the others wouldn’t. They were too shy. I also made a friend! She was grade 5 and she was playing with my hair and was like ” aww your so pretty” haha. After that we went to the art room place and the students were like professionals! The teacher was unbelievable with her painting ideas. She taught us how to make a really beautiful painting. Except for she didn’t speak English so we copied the other students around us but we managed. The schools were completely different. They didn’t have like one long class like we do, they like rotate around like every 30 minutes. If school was like that but in Australia I’d like school even more then I actually do now and I love school now. Soo that’s like pretty hard to beat. And we had birthday cake for alyssas birthday and it was like a cream cake with fruit on it it was really yummy. Then after a little while we had dinner and we had another cake. IT LOOKED LIKE A ELEPHANT or a mouse haha. Then here I am typing about my day. In summary it was really good and good things to come. Okay byeeeeeeeeeee!

  29. Hey Hunni,
    Counting down the sleeps until your home, Sounds like your having an awesome time,
    How is all your things going to fit in your suit case ? I suppose it will fit in your back pack too.
    It’s good to hear your loving the sister school, I can’t wait to hear all about Jade Buddha Temple : )
    you should try a fish eye or something different,once in a life time opportunity.
    Keep having fun love and miss you
    mum xxxx

    • Well the kids from our school brought us gifts and when we weighed it first at the airport mine was only 7KG so I won’t have gained that many kG and I can stack my gifts on top of clothes

  30. Hey Dakota, its Maggie here,
    Missing you so much !!
    And I have 2 question for u.
    What your fav food there?
    And what is your fav thing to do there?

  31. Hey Hun,
    You nearly got hit by a scooter ?
    sounds like you had fun at the sister school I saw that they gave you lots of gifts,
    Have you been to the Temple yet ? Keep taking photo’s sweet, How’s that shopping going
    Home in two days : )
    love you
    mum xx

      • Hey sweetie,
        On the print out information it said you were going today.
        What are you seeing today ?
        What are these weird Potatoes ?
        You should put up some photo’s hun

  32. Hey Sweetie,
    What are you seeing today ?
    What are these weird Potatoes ?
    Shopping can’t wait to see what you bring back
    You should put up some photo’s hun

  33. Hey Dak,
    On the plane tomorrow! Im so sorry I wont be here on Saturday when you get back! Ill be away, we get back Sunday so ill see you then or Monday !!
    Thankyou for getting Marley a present to πŸ™‚
    Safe travels tomorrow on the plane !
    Love you lots Casey, John, Cooper and Marley. Xx

  34. Today you fly home, So excited to see you, I hope the flight is a smooth one
    See you tomorrow beautiful girl, Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures
    love you
    mum xxx

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