Day 2-Recap

Day Two-
Up bright & early!
A wander in the rain to find our water bottles for the day. A long awaited & much anticipated visit to Starbucks! The kids haven’t stopped taking about going there-one goal ticked off the list!
Then breakfast! An interesting mixture of foods in the buffet.
Then off for our first experience on the trains! Not a busy time of day, so all went smoothly-except!!! Two got on with one half of the group and 3 of us were left on the platform! No probs though-we just caught up 2 stations later.
Then rain, rain, rain as we made our way to The Pearl Tower.
A few fears conquered out in the see-through ledge!
A museum showing the history of China was next. Then train again to the Science Museum Markets. Lunch first-delicious!!!! Then with some energy restored we went a-bargaining! All GSPS team members made purchases & some mighty bargaining was done. Even those of us worried about being rude soon realised the merry dance of arguing your price, was actually quite fun!
Home for a quick chance at Skyping, then off to the circus!!
Ooooeeeee! AMAZING!!! Things that have to be seen to be believed!
But something not so amazing…. was Mrs Salm losing her phone!!!