Day 4-Recap

Day 4-
Brekky at our ‘usual’ time and then off to buy some water.
Our day starts at the Shanghai planning museum which sounds dreadfully boring but is an interesting look at Shanghai’s development.
Then a wander through streets and the people’s park & off to see the Bund for the first time. (Downtown Shanghai shopping strip/hustle bustle).
A lovely lunch-with birds feet….well, for some!
Then off for more shopping-til-dropping and bargaining & arguing.
MANY a purchase made and we headed home for a Skype/blog session. With a quick return trip for Mrs Salm to the circus for a certain retrieval!!
Dinner was another yummy and fun meal, a little down the street from our hotel.
Bed earlyish as we need to pack to head to Suzhou & be beautiful for our Skype call to assembly EARLY tomorrow.