Is this your first overseas trip?

No,  I went overseas last year to Turkey, Italy, France, and England.


What are you looking forward to the most about your trip to China?

The Pearl Tower, the circus, shopping, The Silk Factory/Museum, and going to Sophie’s place. (Sophie was my host student last year in October)


Are there any items in particular that you would like to buy in China?

I’d like to buy some silk, a fan, and some traditional clothes.


What types of Chinese foods are you looking forward to trying?

I’m honestly looking forward to trying the chicken feet and the fish eye.


How do you think you will in your time whilst on the plane?

Probably watching movies or TV shows or games, or talking and sleeping.


What do you think the biggest differences will be between life in China vs life in Australia?

I think for one that the amount of people there will be very different, as well as the food, the toilets and the pollution in the air.