Hi all my name is Jacob and I’m going to China and it is not very long at all till I go. I’m a bit nervous but excited. I also can’t wait for the circus. It will be great I can’t wait to tell everyone about it when we get back.


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  1. Hello Jacob,

    Your mum and I had lots of chats before you committed to the program. Good on you for having a go, you won’t regret it.Enjoy the company of the other students and adults. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Mr G

  2. Hi Jacob,
    Glad to hear of your safe arrival in China. What a wonderfull experience to are about to have. You will have to tell me everything about it when you get home
    Keep safe
    Love you

  3. Hi Jacob,
    It sounds like you are all feeling quite at home now and really adjusting to life in China with plenty to do and see. Wish I was with you.
    Keep safe
    Love Nana

  4. Hi Jabob,

    What have you been doing today ? I’m guessing it was interesting and fun.
    Whats the weather like ? Its verey cold and wet here.
    Keep safe
    Love you

  5. Hi Jacob how are you!? 😀
    What did you do today? anything excited!?
    What things did you buy!? anything cool?!
    Hope you respond!
    -From Cody
    P.S Please bring something to school from china 🙂

  6. hey Jacob how is the food in china I bet it is amazing and by the way how has the sleeping going I also bet that you and the other students are talking about what you liked best

    be safe

  7. ELLO JAKOB! hope your good at china and everything is going well for you! so I got a question fo yo,whats been you’r favorite thing :eg places,food,shop stuff,circus (stuff in the circus) ect

  8. Hey Jacob,
    Hope you had a good flight and are enjoying China and can’t wait for you to get back.
    How different is it to Bendigo if so how?
    From Liv

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