1. Name- Jasmine Rielley
  2. Grade-6
  3. Is this your first overseas trip? If yes, where have you been?-no
  4. What are you looking forward to the most about your trip to China? – I’m really looking forward to going to the great wall of China.
  5. Are there any items in particular that you would like to buy in China?-I really want to get some pearl earrings for my mum.
  6. What types of Chinese foods are you looking forward to trying?-Dumplings and different types of noodles.
  7. How do you think you will go in your time whilst on the plane? I think I will be fine but might get a tummy ache every now and then.
  8. What do you think the biggest differences will be between life in China vs life in Australia? Their schools and food.