Lily R

Rodriguez_LilyI am so so so so so excited !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hello Lily, I am really glad you know how sleeps until you go. Also glad to see you are so so so excited. I think as the time gets closer there will be a couple of extra so’s added in? Have fun and I look forward to hearing your wonderful stories.

    Mr G

  2. How are you Lily? We do hope you are now well! We love you. Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on. Nana and Grandad

  3. Hi Lily, love the photos! Mum says you are enjoying the food and having a wonderful time. Love you! From Nana and Grandad

  4. Hi Lily, time is passing fast, enjoy each day. We look forward to hearing all about it from you. We hear you have become very good at bargining. Love from Nan and Grandad

  5. Hi Lily, I am missing you heaps. I hope you are having fun. I can’t wait until you get back and tell us about your adventures in China!


  6. what is the best part about china and why? hope you are having a great time can’t wait till you get home from Zoexx

  7. hey lilly hope you are having a good time for inquiry we have to ask you some questions about china
    1 what did you do at your sister school
    2whats your favourite food
    3what are some hobbie they do in china
    thanks x

  8. Hey Lily,
    I miss you so much!! Hope you had a good flight and are enjoying China and can’t wait for you to get back.
    Do you miss anyone if so who?
    From Liv

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