Shanghai markets

Day 4

Market day

.太亲爱的. ,’tài qīn ài de’ (too dear) everyone said today as we bargained with vendors at the market. From shoes to Chinese tokens. many things were available to buy. Everyone had their own story to tell as we chatted over won tong, rice, dumplings, duck and french fries … Hmmm not sure how that got slipped into our order.

After a quick stroll through Beijing gardens and an impromptu dance in the street with locals we were back into travel mode and off too Suzhou.

Shanghai Garden

Thursday China

Today we went to the forbidden city. It was really big and really hot everyone was sweating and some people were whinging. We got to see the gardens, a couple of special artefact and everyone got ice cream.
Later in the day we hade a look around of a couple of streets and how to make the Chinese word very happy out of paper.

Shanghai and Circus Spectacular

Day 3
All students have been very patient in dealing with a delay to our flights.
We arrived safely in Shanghai today. GSPS students loved the free interactive rollerblading game at the airport. They thought it would be a good addition to the gym at school. Hmmm perhaps they can take that one to JSC. Shanghai has a history of over 700 yrs. The architecture of the buildings are all different with a mixture of Chinese and Western style buildings.

Did someone say circus? When we were told by our guide that it was one of the most amazing shows he’d ever seen … we thought okay. Okay is far from the right word to describe it. Splendiferous is probably closer. These most amazing people danced, jumped, juggled and put their body at enormous risks to entertain all.


The Great Wall

Day 2 – The Great Wall of China
‘All in all your just another brick in the wall’ . We started counting the bricks but lost count after 30 000 … sorry. We probably took just as many steps today walking along the wall. The Chinese were pretty serious on keeping the rabbits out. Must have some big rabbits too?

How’d we get up there? Chairlift of course. Ahhh … and for the way back down? Toboggan! As most of us had watched the movie ‘Cool Runnings’, this was not a problem. Except for when you lose a hat halfway down the ride. We were encouraged all the way by our toboggan guides to ‘Go Raster’ … Whatever that means?


Brilliant Beijing

Arrival in Beijing

Day 1 – The Forbidden City
Zzzzz … How much sleep did you get on the plane was the big question of the morning. A smooth flight + customs check then bus ride for another hour straight to The Forbidden City. A little bit bigger than your average 1/4 acre block was the order of the day for the king of China and his family, friends and servants. Getting from room to room was a hike indeed. Obviously had to be pretty fit back then or maybe the king had some people to carry him. After a hot walk we celebrated our first day tour with ice creams, much to everyones delight.

Ice creams all round at The Forbidden City

Next on the agenda was a race around the oldest section of Beijing on Rickshaws. Our rider was not quite up to Tour de France standard but made up time through the corners and making his way through impossible gaps.

Tour de Beijing

‘And they were Kung Fu fighting’ … Kung Fu master Splinter then invited us into his home and showed us how to make ‘ double happiness’ paper cuts. Yep, we were all thinking the same as you. The thought of someone cutting our fingers with paper wasn’t that appealing. Luckily we were wrong. Turns out it was paper craft. We all followed the steps and made ‘double happiness’ paper cuts. Not only was this guy a true Kung Fu warrior but he played an ancient Chinese harp for us as well. Turns out his son has been in movies with Jackie Chan … But no one was game enough to question him if this was really true.

Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Master

We’ll never complain about traffic in Bendigo again after being in a constant traffic jam with 23 million others, trying to navigate the streets of Beijing.

Sooo hungry!

Due to the big day yesterday + some delays to our trip today, this has been the first real chance for me to communicate via the blog. Apologies to those who were expecting something sooner, but these things happen when travelling overseas.

A big thank you to Mr Freer for not only completing a blog post but also assisting with communication of changes to our itinerary.

Three days into China -Amy

Wednesday , Thursday and Friday.The last couple of days have been amazing I’ve made new friends and saw lots of new things.  On Wednesday we flew to China 🇨🇳 but the flight felt so long it was fun though . Thursday we landed in Beijing which was so amazing we went to the Forbidden city which took along time but what which was really fun.Friday we went to the Great Wall which was really fun we got to go up a chair lift and go down a toboggan which was fun Charlie rolled her ankle but she’s fine.

They are ready to go!

Golden Square PS Team China travellers have made it through customs without a hitch and are now sitting on the plane ready to go. For those that are interested in following their flight on FlightRadar24 they are on flight CA166. They depart at 8pm. All involved are excited about their trip of a lifetime. Have fun Grace, Amy, Xander, Charlie and Jasmine.