I am Phoebe Lonsdale and I am grade 6

Is this your first overseas trip? No, I have been to Bali.

What are you looking forward to the most about your trip to China? Staying over at my home stay and shopping!

Are there any items in particular that you would like to buy in China? No, but when I get to China I’ll probably find heaps of things I want when I see them.

What types of Chinese foods are you looking forward to trying? Lots of the Chinese traditional foods.

How do you think you will in your time whilst on the plane? I think I’ll be okay because I’ll be to excited about seeing China and I’ll probably be watching lots of movies like I did when I went to Bali!

What do you think the biggest differences will be between life in China vs life in Australia? Well China is very big, way bigger then Australia, so it will be very, very busy.