Beatrice’s Photos

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This is me on the glass floor in the Pearl.     This is the Pearl tower at night on the cruise, and a bit of                                                                                      the smog.

That is the Pearl tower.                  This is a bit of the model of Shanghai in the Planning museum.

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This is the Jade Budda temple.                        This is a bit of the old Shanghai

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2 thoughts on “Beatrice’s Photos

  1. I have just found your photos on the blog Beatrice. The title is blanked out up the top until you scroll your mouse over it. May need to get Mr Freer or Mr Draaisma onto that! They are great. You don’t look scared lying on the glass floor of the Pearl Tower.

  2. Hi Beatrice,
    Hope you are having a fantastic time. Just seen your photos – all looks great. Enjoy your time with Angela.
    Lots of love Aunty Edwina xx

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