Pre-Departure Activity Days

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For our last pre departure day Team China gathered in the Golden Square gym on the 18 of May. Charlotte and I were just sitting doing and then these 2 girls from Kangaroo Flat started talking to us, it was also really awkward because Kaitlyn just said to us “Hi I’m making friends and yeah so what’s your name, Alyssa and Charlotte” how she knew our names was because we had our name tags on so then after they walked away Charlotte and I went up to Lily, Zoe, Cody and Siale (a girl from Huntley) and we were playing with the sports equipment then we were all told to enter the gym.
First we had our questions answered from our previous pre departure day. The questions were most like who will I be sharing a room with the teachers were hoping that students had already knew that, who will I be sitting next to on the plane which is a question I asked and the teachers just said that we have no idea but we will be sitting either next to a student or teacher going to China with us.

Our first rotation was about how to wash our clothes because we don’t want to be smelling nasty. The procedure is
1. Fill a tub/sink with warm water and washing liquid.
2. Place your article of clothing in the soapy water and mix your clothing in well.
3. Empty the bucket/drain the sink then refill but don’t put washing liquid in and then wash your clothing
4. Ring it out
5. Place your clothing on a towel roll it up then unroll the towel and then bam half way dry.

Then the teachers at that station also told us about the things we should pack.

Our next rotation was how to basically barter like a boss and so was the other rotation.
Scott (Mr Pysing) and a boy from another school did a trial of what it looks like it was so cool.

Then we got a visit from Rod Fyffe, Mayor of Bendigo then we got a photo with him (you can see below) then it came to an end. But the school day was almost finished so we went back upstairs and didn’t do anything else.- Alyssa

On the 4/5 all 2016 Team China came into our school gym.
We first had to put our bags away then we got our name tags with our group number, I was number 3 with my friend/roomie Lily and my friend Charlotte from another group.
Our first activity was about the safety and awareness about China.
Second activity was how to learn some basic and helpful Chinese bit all grade sixes at our school learn Chinese so that was good.
Next we had a break and had our recess.
Next we had a challenge we had to use chopsticks to pickup popcorn, we the. Got to eat the popcorn. One of the people tilted to popcorn onto my side so I got my chopsticks and pushed most of the popcorn into our bowl. Then we finished the game and then ate the popcorn it was really gross popcorn but my and Charlotte were still eating it.
We then did a trivia game and charlotte and I got the worst scores… We obviously don’t know much about China 😂😬
Finally we did some games to get to know each other and some were really weird it was a bit strange but at least we all know everybody know.
That day was amazing and I can’t wait until the next one. – alyssa
Hello I am finally doing a blog post, yay.
On the 4/6 we had our first pre departure day and I finally met my room mate.
We were split into four groups and the first activity my group did was where you had to pick up popcorn with the chopsticks. Afterwards we got to eat the popcorn while we did a test about general Chinese stuff like the toilets are just a um not like ours.
The next thing we did was group bonding with Mrs sal… oops Erin and two other people. This is were I learned most of the people names.
Then we ate.
After this we watched a power point about what we do on the trains and stuff. The last group was learning simple Chinese. I was ok at this because we learn Chinese at school.

It is getting really close to our departure Day!! We have another pre departure day coming up soon. So I will keep blogging so bye!!